The Rebel Alliance




    Grace takes Wellington by storm 25/08/2008
    It was a too brief season in Wellington. Grace opened on August 19 at BATS Theatre, recieved a rave review and created a tangible buzz. As the season drew to an end the final two performances sold out. Read more >>

    Facebook 01/01/1970
    We have jumped on the band wagon and now have our very own facebook groups, so go ahead, be a rebel and come join us. Simply search facebook for The Rebel Alliance - we will be there. Read more >>

    The Bomb trailer
    In a major scoop we managed to get our hands on super director Chris White to create a trailer for The Bomb and voice genious Paul Barrett to do the voice over. It is a little gem and you can watch it here[] Read more >>

    The Orderly Trailer 18/04/2007
    It’s official. The Trailer for The Orderly is online. It’s directed and edited by the outrageously talented Dione Chard. The Rebel Alliance has gained a powerful ally… Read more >>

    The Orderly Plays Bats 26/03/2007
    In March we took The Orderly to BATS theatre in Wellington as part of the city’s Fringe Festival. It was our first tour out of Auckland and it proved to be worth our while. Read more >>

    Fauns at The Basement 01/05/2010
    Gregory Cooper's gem of a solo show Heroic Faun No. One was on of the highlights of the 2009 Auckland Fringe Festival. Read more >>

    Rebel head for Wellington and Auckland
    The Rebel Alliance is delighted to announce that March will see rebels performing in both the Wellington and Auckland Fringe Festivals. Read more >>

    Rebel Alliance MySpace 03/05/2007
    The Rebel Alliance is now on myspace.

    The Rebel Alliance recieves CNZ funding 01/08/2011
    We're rather thrilled that for we for the first time have recieved a grant from Creative New Zealand to stage one of our production. Read more >>

    The Rebel Alliance receives CNZ funding. Again! 09/04/2012
    Hot on the heels of The Rebel Alliance's succesful CNZ grant application for last year's season of Yours Truly, the rebels have managed to once again secure some much needed funds in the shape of a CNZ Quick Response Grant towards a season of Standstill in Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton. Read more >>